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About Us

Rn3 Loving Care Homes has licensed & experienced Registered Nurses, Administrators and trained Caregivers.

Our goal at Rn3 Loving Care Homes is to provide the best possible long term care and services to our senior citizens so that they can achieve and maintain their highest level of mental and physical functions.

Our senior citizens will live with pride, be worry-free and enjoy a warm loving care atmosphere. Personal satisfaction is our priority. This home is truly a big family in which our senior citizens really enjoy their stay.

  • Honesty

    We are transparent! Rn3 Loving Care ensures that the integrity of the residents is preserved. Management also makes sure that the staff we hire are of good and qualified standing. It is imperative that we maintain harmonious relations with residents. At all costs, we avoid breaking the trust of our residents and their family members.

  • Discipline

    In the delivery of care services, we ensure that the quality of such services is compliant with the standards set by management – and consequently, the standards set by the resident. We discipline our staff to do a thorough job every time a care procedure needs to be carried out.

  • Respect

    Residents and their family members may choose to keep their privacy or maintain a level of independence. We respect those wishes. Rn3 Loving Care will provide the care services on areas that residents will need assistance on. By preserving their freedom of choice, we give them the respect they truly deserve.

  • Cheer

    For any home to be active and welcoming, there has to be Cheer! We maintain a positive atmosphere as we inject optimism in every day that we care for our residents.

  • Patience

    Not all situations are easy. Rn3 Loving Care understands this to be very common for our residents especially those who have disabilities or complicated health conditions. In every way we can, we will extend our personal limits so we can professionally handle the care services for residents.

Call to make an appointment or just drop in any time on your way to have a look at our facility to see if it is your place. You will have the opportunity to see, with your own eyes, the nicely planned settings, talk with our clients, and have all your questions answered. In a word, you will see why you wish stay in here. You can reach us by phone at 510-439-7063.

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